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Drive away the award-winning plug-in hybrid SUV for as little as £299* per month!

*New Outlander PHEV Hybrid From Only £299 Per Month + VAT + Initial Rental on Contract Hire - Business Users Only

Or take advantage of 3 Years 0% APR HP finance with £0 DEPOSIT, or one of our flexible PCP offers with a £2,500 Finance Deposit Contribution!

With a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV you can enjoy:

  • Huge Savings for Business Owners
  • Little to no petrol use depending on your average journey distance
  • Plug-in Hybrid Technology
  • Commute for pennies a day
  • Control at your fingertips
  • All the information you need

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PHEV Benefits and Features

The Mitsubishi PHEV is a plug-in hybrid vehicle that is powered by electricity as well as fuel. The vehicle can be plugged into the mains with option of electricity or fuel as its power source.

Its advanced technology makes the Mitsubishi PHEV a revolutionary game-changer with a wide range of features at your fingertips and full control over your vehicle.

33 Mile Electric Range
166* MPG Fuel Economy
9% BIK for Company Cars
Ultra Low CO2 Emissions

With innovation features and the ultimate game-changing technology you can expect:

Plug-in Hybrid Technology

Powered by electricity or by fuel, the PHEV matches the most effective source to your driving, ensuring you benefit from superior fuel efficiency and optimised performance with a combined range of 541 miles.

Commute for pennies a day

With a 33 mile range in EV mode, the average commute can be powered solely by electricity. Not only does this reduce the cost to you, but the PHEV produces combined emissions of only 42 CO2 g/km making it kinder on the environment all round.

Control at your fingertips

With a range of simple to use features, the Outlander PHEV puts you in complete control. You can choose how and when the battery is used, activate power saving, eco mode and regenerative braking, all from the touch of a button.

All the information you need

You Outlander PHEV will tell you everything you need to know. Track the efficiency of your driving or the range of your electric and petrol. Recent journey history is also available so you know exactly how the PHEV is performing for you.

Mitsubishi PHEV for Business Owners

  • Are you a Business Owner?
  • Do you have a Company Car?
  • Would you like to save up to £10 000 in tax?

As a business owner you can make considerable savings through having an Outlander PHEV:

  • National Insurance contribution savings due to low 9% Benefit in Kind (BIK)
  • 100% write down allowance in the 1st year of ownership

Company Savings & How They Apply

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is a different animal. It delivers up to 166mpg, with an electric range of up to 33 miles and a combined electric and petrol range of up to 542 miles. And with ultra-low CO2 emissions there are significant savings that your business can make.

You’ll be able to write down 100% of the cost of an Outlander PHEV in Year One, saving £1,000s in Corporation Tax – and you’ll save money on your associated Class 1a National Insurance Contributions.

Business users will only pay 9% Benefit in Kind taxation, plus it’s exempt from the first year of road tax. Fully charged in just a few hours using a domestic plug socket, a free ChargemasterHomecharge unit or one of over 11,000 UK-wide Charge Points, this 4WD SUV legend continues its journey onwards as the UK’s leading selling plug-in hybrid.

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